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The Most Anticipated
Netflix Series of  2021 : TERİM

The Terim Documentary Series, eagerly awaited since its announcement day, made history by breaking viewing records in its release week.

The documentary, which garnered attention in both domestic and foreign media, was co-directed by Burak Aksoy and Altuğ Gültan.

The duo not only directed but also took on the roles of scriptwriters and editing directors for the four-part series


In the documentary, gegendary manager Fatih Terim recounts his football journey, from his playing days to coaching and leading several teams to championship glory.

"It's a quite good mini documentary for those who interested in football. It's one of the best sport documentaries I have seen. The Grande Fatih Terim; as a football player, as a coach, as a father. The documentary based on his period with Galatasaray, however; there are also Italian and Turkish periods. I enjoyed it a lot."

                                                             - permalink - IMDB

Terim Belgeseli | Netflix
25 Litre Belgeseli | National Geographic

2019 Felis Grand Award Winning National Geographic Special Documentary

Imagine having to live on just 25 liters of water every day. The water crisis threatens the world's largest metropolises. 25 Liter documentary; While addressing a possible thirst in the Istanbul of the future, today he is looking for ways to change this dark picture under the guidance of Gökhan Özoğuz.

In the days when the documentary was broadcast, it was frequently mentioned as a top trending topic on social media. In many schools and seminars, educational content was shown to draw attention to water consumption to students and participants.

In the year it was published, it returned from the 14th Felis Awards with two major awards.

While it won the Bronze Award in the "Best Promotional Editing" category at the 2020 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards, it was qualified to be a finalist in the "Best Environmental Promotion" category.

'' I'm watching, I got goosebumps. It was a very good documentary. I want to hope that those who wash cars by wasting water in the middle of the street are watching too...''

                                                             - kutsalelma - ekşisözlük


Turkish Airlines

Mega Move Documentary

Can An International Airport Be Moved In Less Than 12 Hours?

This is a question that 18,000 people will challenge!


Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, the home of Turkish Airlines for decades, is about to close. Across town, a new state-of-the-art airport will begin operations but with flights in high demand, they have just 12 hours to move everything to their new home. This massive logistical challenge is of a scale never before attempted. Once this colossal move is completed, Turkish Airlines’ new home will be on track to become the busiest airport in the world.


Burak Aksoy and Altuğ Gültan, in the director's chair, also directed 12 different film crews in a 12-hour operation to portray the breathless moments of the night.

Red Bull Special Documentary Series

We all know by heart that the people of Anatolia are social entrepreneurs when it comes down to coming up with brilliant solutions to problems. This ingeniosity, also pop out when the subject is sports.

There are many fun, challenging and also quite peculiar races and competitions being organized in each and every corner of Turkey. One can’t help but think “This must be the sense of Extreme of Anatolia”

This 6 episode series focuses just on this; the extreme sports of Anatolia. On top of everything, the host of the show is the social media phenomena Kıvanç Talu of Var Böyle Tipler.

"A sarcasm + deadpan humor that goes around
the border without hurting anyone. Awfully nice."

                                                             - bunubenyaptım - Youtube

Ekstrem Anadolu Belgeseli | Red Bull

The construction story of Turkey's first UCAV (uncrewed combat aircraft) being one of the 3 countries producing in this drone class. This special series, which emerged after 18 months of production, became the most watched documentary of 2020 with 1.8 million views in just one day on Youtube. Published with subtitles in nine different languages, this special series is still on its way to becoming the most watched web documentary with 5.4 million views.

"I watched with tears in my eyes. We are full of gratitude to everyone who contributed."

                                                             - vbkhd - ekşisözlük

Akıncı Belgeseli


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