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Born in 1991 in Ankara, Burak started getting interested in photography and music while studying Graphic Design in high school. He performed in over ten concerts with an underground hip-hop album he released in 2008. He personally took care of everything from producing the album's music to photography, video shoots, and album cover design. Enjoying this multidisciplinary approach, he later focused his passion on photography and videography.

In 2012, he established his production company and began shooting wedding films. With a cinematic style, he concentrated on human stories by filming weddings in the UK, Italy, Beirut, France, and all over Turkey. His films gained so much attention that people from all walks of life started watching wedding films of people they didn't know and following his company. He even made headlines in major television programs.

Introduced to documentary dynamics in wedding storytelling, Burak initiated his first documentary series called "Başka Bir Şey" in 2016. Due to budget constraints, he personally handled everything from camera work to sound, editing, music design, visual designs, and final broadcast export. The series gained a massive fan base and inspired Turkish-speaking young entrepreneurs worldwide with its compelling stories.


In 2017, after completing the series with the last episode filmed in the United States, Burak decided to move to Istanbul and delve into larger productions with different stories.

He became the youngest director in one of Turkey's most significant production companies Böcek Yapım, also venturing into the advertising field to tell his beloved stories in shorter formats. Within the dynamics of the advertising world, he had the opportunity to directing a larger team and use different camera equipment. He directed commercials for global brands like Microsoft, Nestle, Honda and Rolls Royce in his distinctive style.

In 2018, he collaborated with Altuğ Gültan, and they started producing projects together. Burak's presentation, "Flight of Imagination," prepared for National Geographic, received high praise. Working with a foreign producer for the first time, he introduced the visual and auditory delights of Istanbul through a film he created.

Afterwards, he took the director's chair for impactful documentaries for Red Bull, National Geographic, and Netflix, also serving as the editing director for each project. Documentaries like "25 Litre," "Terim," and "Akıncı" broke viewing records, successfully bringing his storytelling style to large audiences.

In addition to long-form storytelling, Burak began creating film trailers. Producing alternative and critical trailers for films he admired, he caught the attention of production companies. In 2022, he founded the company Fine Cut Pictures, and his path crossed with Netflix Turkey. Alongside a talented editing team, he started designing film trailers in various styles, reflecting the director's vision differently. While creating trailers, he began improving his skills in sound editing and sound design, achieving success in music editing for the projects he directed.

Over the past 12 years of his storytelling journey, Burak continuously develops himself, embracing new adventures. Working with a multifunctional discipline in all aspects of filmmaking, he continues to create memorable films.

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